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Our software platform gives you all of the tools you need to effectivley manage a HYIP, Private Investment Group, AutoSurf, Referral Program and much more. In addition to having the best software platform available, we can also provide our clients with a professional setup, dedicated software hosting, website/logo/banner design and ongoing technical support.

Core Features Of The HYIP Manager

Below are a few of the core features in the HYIP Manager. A full feature list is also available.

  • Stable Software Platform

    Our HYIP management software is a result of years of evolving development and enhancements with a number of clients. Today, we are know to have the most stable and secure platform available.

  • Security Features

    We have always developed our system with security in mind. A variety of security features exist such as IP change PIN with logging in, secondary passwords, and action logging.

  • Token System

    Tokens are better know as "Ad Packs", or "Investments". You can add an unlimited number of tokens to the system with totally independent configurations for limits, expiry, earning days, etc.

  • Membership System

    Memberships allow you to group members and give them properties such as earning amounts on tokens, commissions, etc. You can setup membership to be purchased and utilize the matrix system.

  • Integrates Into Website Template

    The software can be integrated into virtually any web site template. Your members back office will match the style of the front end web site. We do this for you with our Professional Setup.

  • Support Ticket Manager

    The software has a complete support ticket system build into it. It support canned responses, and the assignment of tickets to other administrators. We help you keep your support organized.

  • Withdrawal Request Suite

    We provide a comprehensive, organized suite to process members withdrawal requests. Process mass pay files, or use the auto pay API features if you choose.

  • Manual & Auto Surf

    Our system can be setup as a manual or auto surf if needed. Members will add sites to a surfing loop, and browser a set number of other sites each day to earn.

  • Member Management Suite

    Administrators have complete managment tools for individual members. Edit their account, run reports, view security logs and more. Take control of your members.

  • Charts & Reporting

    Stay on top of your system with our charts and reports that can be run. Watch your cashflow, track program growth, and balance your processors.

  • Matrix Managment

    If you are using the Matrix or Re-Cycler feature, you will have a full collapsable tree view of your matrix. Tools are available to manage the spots and positions.

  • Administration Help Manual

    Our HYIP Management software comes with an administration help manual. This can be referenced at any time to give you instructions on how to use the system.

About The HYIP Manager started as a professional software and support solution for HYIP, Private Investment, AutoSurf, and Referral Program managers in 2006.

The industry needed a real solution for serious administrators, which is where we found our niche. Our software is years worth of experience, features and security. We look forward to working with you!

Professional Setup

Let us do all of the initial technical work required for you to launch your project. Our clients are very happy with our work, and you too will be impressed with our results.

  • We do all of the installation and configuration
  • We will integrate your web site template into the software
  • Everything you need to launch a successful project

Our software is packed with features and options that can be configured a number of ways to achieve a desired functionality. Let us come up with a solution for you.

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