Enterprise Support Package

Our enterprise support package was designed for our clients who are looking for the absolute best in ongoing dedicated technical support for their software platform.

Benefits of Ongoing Support
  • Fastest support response times
  • You always have a ShadowScripts professional to consult with
  • We ensure that your system continues to run smoothly
  • Focus on running your business, let us deal with the technical side
  • We immedaltey handle emergencies if they occur
What Our Clients Say

I feel like we always have someone there for us with ShadowScripts. They respond quickly and always are prompt to solve any issues we may be having.

Ethan R.
United Kingdom
You Can Count On Us

We are always available to our clients who have technical support needs. We help our clients with needs on a day to day basis from consulting them on configuration changes, all the way to helping them rebuild their database after an accidental administrative action to 10,000 members.

Pricing Structure

The pricing for the Enterprise Support Package is as follows:

On the 1st of each month we will invoice your system $2 USD per active member in the system. Inactive members do not count. This fee is capped at 1,500 active members ($3,000) reguardless of how many active members you have. This pricing method was developed to allow newly started programs to get the same great support services as someone with 1,500 or 10,000 active members.

Have peice of mind, knowing we are here for you.
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