Professional Setup Process

Below is an outline of the steps followed when working with to launch a new HYIP, Prviate Investment, AutoSurf, or Referral Program with our Professional Setup package.

It covers the steps from the initial order, all the way to your launch. The Professional Setup package is highly recommended and used by the majority of our clients.

Let the professionals at ShadowScripts get you the best results out of your project.
Submit Order


  • Submit Initial Order
  • Make Payment
Install & Configure


  • Installed On Server
  • Options Configured
Integrate Template


  • Virtually Any Template
  • Custom Look & Feel


  • Review Configuration
  • Processor Connectivity


  • Web Site Is Live
  • Ongoing Support

The Process Explained

1.) Submit Order

The first step is to submit an order on our web site. Once we receive the order and the payment, we will begin the work on the project. One of our professionals will contact you via email or skype to discus the details and items we will need to launch your project.

Items To Have Ready
  • Domain name
  • Server login details
  • Outline of how your program works (plans, membership levels, etc)
  • Payment processors you wish to use
2.) Install & Configure

Once we have collected all of the nessisary details from the client, we will install the software on the server. Next we will configure the software platform to get the functionality desired by the client.

Additional Tips
  • We can generate a CSR for you if you would like SSL.
  • We give you the information needed to link Payment Proceesors.
3.) Integrate Template

In this step, we will integrate your web site template into the software platform. This will give your members back office a custom look and feel that matches your front end web sites template. We recommend HTML/CSS web site templates. Many good templates can be found at

Did You Know...
  • We can integrate in virtually any web site template
  • We only require a one page template to use as a base for integration
  • Your members back office will match the template of your front end site
  • You add your own content to the front end web site template
4.) Testing

At this point the software has been installed, configured, linked to your payment processors, and has your web site template integrated into it. The last thing that we do is review the systems configuration one final time, and test the payment processor linkage. We will generally run a few small live test transactions.

5.) Launch

Once all of the testing has successed, you are ready to launch your system live! If you are not especially tech savy or just simply want the best ongoing help available for the lifetime of your license please take a look at our optional Enterprise Support Package.

Congratulations, you are now live and ready to accept members!